International Rally 2016

On June 21st, President Ray Lewis and VP Barry Fuller caravanned to Lewisburg, WV for the International rally, a first for both of us. We made two stops enroute and then arrived three days early because of the registration and parking procedures. Over 700 units arrived eventually. We were put to ourselves on a hill, which we were not happy about until the floods started. We were high and dry and eventually others were parked with us. when the floods came to WV, we experienced electrical outages and a water boil mandate. But the show went on and we learned a lot and made new friends. Some of the other Southeast units entertained doing some joint rallies.
After the rally Ray caravanned with Barry to Northern WV to Barry’s place near Capon Bridge, WV. There we did the tourist and sight seeing thing. There is 30 amp power and all are invited to stop in on the river in WV.